Starting the New Year Right

I start my new job as a circulation clerk on Tuesday. I’m both excited and a little nervous at the same time. I’m excited because it’s a new job, but also a little nervous at the same time for the same reason. It’s always a little scary to start something new because you don’t know how exactly it’s going to turn out. You want to run back to the old and familiar since it’s in that comfort zone.

But getting out of our comfort zone helps us grow into a new comfort zone. We meet new people and shake things up in order to avoid being stagnant in our lives. I hope that my new co-workers will be sweet, kind, and patient. I hope that I can make some new friends there. If I just be myself, I know I’ll make some new friends. Who can’t resist a nice person?

In other news, I’m going to go see The Secret Life of Walter Mitty this afternoon. I heard it was a good movie and I look foreword to seeing if the rumors are up to par. It’s crazy how much more I’m going out in the past few weeks than I have in the past couple of years. I like being able to go out more and hang out with different people. But being the introvert that I am, I want to take a break and have a big night in. Maybe I’ll do that tonight, who knows.

I worked my last shift as a shelver at the library that I’m shelving at. Everybody was so excited about me getting the job because they knew I was actively looking for a new job (I kind of talked about it every time I was working there). One of the shelvers there was a little sad tho. He said he doesn’t like a lot of people, but he liked me a lot. That’s saying a lot and I feel honored that he would consider me with such high regard.

Maybe I won’t do so terribly at my new job after all.


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