The Goodbye Girl

On Friday night, I found out that C. de-friended me. There was no message as to why he de-friended me, let alone a phone call. His sister told me that she just wanted to be left alone, but I never really found out why he did it. I’m now assuming that he no longer wants to be with me in a relationship. If he did, then why did he not talk to me or keep a connection with me?

I’ve wracked my brains about it and I couldn’t think of any reason why he would do so. We hung out together on Monday and everything seemed normal. Actually, everything was amazing. He didn’t seem to act like anything other than himself in the entire few hours that we were together that day. We even talked for a few minutes the next day and he seemed fine.

It upsets me because we were so happy together. He thought I was the best thing that happened to him and I thought the same thing. But for whatever reason, he’s decided that he wanted it to end. I wish I knew why, the very thought of it upsets me. I know that one day the pain of the breakup will fade away, but I’ll always feel a sense of disappointment whenever I think about it. I’m disappointed that he didn’t even have the courage or the decency to tell me himself that he didn’t want to be with me anymore. Other people I’ve dated at least had that much sense in them.

I hope one day he realizes how much of a good thing he had with me. I hope one day he’ll think of me and wish that he never let me go. By then it’ll be too late. I’ll either have found someone else or decided to remain single and too happy to be in another relationship (which I’m already starting to feel).

Being the goodbye girl stinks. It especially stinks when you don’t date people very much and the few people you do date don’t last very long for whatever reason. I don’t like being the goodbye girl, especially in very short term relationships. It would be nice to know what a long term relationship was like, even if it was only a few months in the making. Until then, I’m going to enjoy being a single person and focus just on me. Men can look for somebody else to mess around with and scheme with.


About Ashley

I'm a writer from the United States.
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