Sweet Dreams

Last night I had a dream about my media literacy professor. I don’t remember what the function was or why I was there at the same place as he was, but I remember him coming up to me in the dream and told me that I was a brilliant and wonderful person and that he was glad to have had me in his class. I woke up this morning feeling content, peaceful, and happy with my life. I really needed to hear that about myself, even if it was only in a dream. Hearing one of my favorite professors tell me that I’m a great person who deserves to enjoy life can make anyone feel like they’re on top of the world.

Today I met another new person at work. There were three positions opened in the same department. I took one of the positions, a second guy took another one and now this third guy has taken the last one. Now there are three guys who work in the department. They all seem very nice, these three guys and all the other people that I’ve met so far. I feel blessed to have gotten this position at this particular library. I feel content for the first time in several months. I finally found a niche in the library world and I’m happy to have found it. Just when I thought I’d go crazy if I didn’t find a new job, I found it.

God is like that, you know. He causes things to happen right when you need it the most. Just when you’re about to give up on something, he brings in an opportunity that you wouldn’t have thought to have had until then. Maybe one day soon He’ll find it worthwhile to promote to another position that will be just the right fit for me. Until then, I’m happy to be where I’m at. Everything I want and need have been fulfilled.

Baby steps are what is needed to get from one place to another. You don’t need giant leaps. If a giant leap is required or feels write to you at a certain time, then you’ll take a giant leap. But if you only feel comfortable taking small, baby steps, then that’s all that you need to take at that moment.


About Ashley

I'm a writer from the United States.
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