11 Activities to Do on Valentine’s for Single People

For me, Valentine’s Day is the worst day of the year. I’ve never had a date or a boyfriend to make the day dedicated to love, so hearing about all the special things that couples are doing on this day is completely miserable. People say Valentine’s Day is overrated, but when you wanted to fall in love, going through the most romantic holiday ever as a single person is a slap in the face. So, I decided to list some things a single person can do on this forsaken holiday:

  1. Rent a movie and order delivery pizza.
  2. Snuggle with a blanket and read a good book.
  3. Go hiking or take a walk (if the weather isn’t too miserable).
  4. Go out to dinner alone to a favorite restaurant.
  5. Go to the movies.
  6. Get some friends together and go out.
  7. Create a happy playlist on your iPod.
  8. Go out and just drive around.
  9. Find sarcastic Valentine’s memes for single people.
  10. Stay off of Facebook.
  11. Minimize Internet usage during the day.

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