Spring Tease

Spring teased us here in the Midwest all day yesterday. Unfortunately I had to work all day yesterday so I wasn’t able to go out and enjoy the sunshine. Coming home yesterday was a pleasure, though. I had the window rolled down and my new radio station turned up a bit just enjoying the roads and the weather. I listen to country music radio when I’m in the car (the only time I listen to the radio these days) but I’ve been listening to the same radio station since I was about eight or nine and wanting to listen to some more classic country that I grew up listening to. Because of that, I discovered a classic country radio station that is broadcast locally in the area where I live. It’s nice to hear some old familiar favorites as well as some other classic country songs that I haven’t heard before since my other country radio station plays the same popular songs over and over again.

I’m looking foreword to more of such days, even tho they’re becoming few and far between that it’s been doing these past couple weeks. Maybe we’ll finally see spring in the near future.

How has your spring been going thus far? Is it finally peeking through?


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I'm a writer from the United States.
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