Cabin Fever and the Like

Being that cabin fever is running unusually high (with all considering the winter we had up here, I wouldn’t have expected any less), I went out running around with my mother. We didn’t do anything exciting, just went to Wal Mart, Lowe’s and the Goodwill store, but it was nice to get out of the house. I finally used up my Wal Mart gift card on The Sims 3 University Life. I know that sounds hilariously awkward coming from me, but I love the Sims. I’ve played The Sims back when it was first in its infancy with its 2 dimensional characters. There’s just something about building up families and creating social networks and relationships. It’s very entertaining and allows me to escape from reality for a little while by going into a different, alternate reality. They should give awards for die hard fans.

We were also looking for trees and shrubs to put in the front by the house. Last summer/fall, right before my dad died, we’d pulled up all the bushes because we wanted to put something new and not as big as the bushes that were in there before (the ones that had been there since the house was built). But there wasn’t anything we wanted anywhere, considering that the choices were sparse. I don’t think anyone’s going to believe that spring’s coming until it’s actually come. But wouldn’t it be nice when it finally does?

Tell me your thoughts.

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