Gas Prices

This morning, I made myself get out of the house and go get some gas. It was 3.41 where I came from and to me that’s expensive, but I figured that since it keeps rocketing up to the 3.70 area, I might as well go and get some while the getting is good. Not to mention that I didn’t want to be near the E line in one or two weeks with gas prices going through the roof. If there’s such a thing as a rock and a hard place, it would be people and getting gas.

I decided to go by the library and drop off my pile of books and movies that I either finished reading or didn’t want to finish or start reading. It wasn’t open, of course, but it was nice just to throw them all in the book drop for them to check in later. I felt kind of bad for the shelvers having to go out in the cold and getting them being that I was a shelver once in the not too distant past, but when you don’t want to carry them into work for you the next day, you just don’t want to carry them into work. I probably shouldn’t check out so many books out at one time, but sometimes it’s hard not to.

The air was cold outside, but it was made better with the sun shining. I hate all kinds of cold, no matter if it’s 30 degrees or negative degrees, but when the sun is out and bright, it somhow makes everything seem that much more tolerable. At least when I’m sitting inside in the warmth looking out the window. Just makes everything more brighter, more hopeful and happy. And did I mention that I can’t wait until spring finally defeats winter?


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