Sweet Summertime

I miss the summer. I miss the sun burning through the sky. I miss the warmth of its rays dancing across my skin, the wind pushing through my hair. I see the sun out there now, brighter than its ever been in so many months. The grass is green, the trees still brown, waiting for the warmth of summer to come around again and take the torch from Old Man Winter. It’s time to begin again, see life come into the neighborhood with birds chirping, squirrels scampering, and rabbits hopping. The blinds spring open, gathering the light from outside to brighten the rooms in anticipation of summer’s release.

I look foreword to being outside more. I look foreword to the long walks and hikes, for bike riding and swimming. I long for the nice weather that allows me to drive safely without the fear of ice and snow to send me off the side of the road. I look foreword to not having to turn my heater on, to roll my windows down and my radio up, listening to “On the Road” songs that fit the moment of travel.

The sunshine brings energy to those like me who lie dormant in the winter, struggling to move and get the ball rolling. Having sunshine puts a little bounce into my step again, make me look foreword to doing more things that I’ve missed during the winter. Some people don’t like the summer, but I do. It brings life, brings baby animals and outside smells.

Tell me your thoughts.

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