Things I’ve Done, What I’ve Seen…

Last week was my birthday.
The day before my birthday, I went to an art museum and ate at a famous BBQ restaurant known to the area within an hour of the city.
On my birthday, I had breakfast with a friend. The next day, I had lunch with my mom. Pizza. Then Barnes and Noble. What else would you expect from me?
On Sunday, I went to this outdoor mall near where I with. The stores aren’t outside, but you have to walk between buildings outside. Then I went hiking with a friend of mine to a pine forest. It’s like it’s own little world. Then we had pizza afterwards. The pizza wasn’t as good as I expected, but it was a fun evening nonetheless.
Garage sales are happening this week. It’s an annual thing at my house. It’s fun but exhausting at the same time.
Been trying to read on my ereader more lately. I like the idea of ereaders but it feels like a computer screen: I can’t concentrate for long. But I’m working on it.
April 27 is my one year anniversary of my master’s degree graduation. Has it really been a year?
I’ll try to blog more in the future. Unfortunately, I’m an expert at procrastination. Maybe I need to do a pledge to write once a week?

Tell me your thoughts.

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