Photo-Induced Writing

There’s something floating around in the world called photo-induced writing. The idea of it is to take a photograph of something, anything, and write whatever comes to mind. To put it simply, it’s writing inspired by a photograph of your choice.

I think photographs can and are very inspiring. Get the right picture and you can write on for hours and produce pages of writing that you might not have been inspired to write in any other way. I have a book that I got from Barnes and Noble a few years ago called A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words. In it are hundreds of pictures along with an associated writing prompt. Each picture focuses on a different aspect of writing and the goal is to write a thousand words for each picture that you’re writing about. At the end of it there are 6 more choices and rolling a dice, you have to use the prompt on whatever picture you’ve chosen.

This type of thing is popular, or so I’ve heard. I know I’ve used it and loved this way of inspiring the creativity that I never got to use. I mean, if you’re a writer, sometimes trying to sit down and write like everyone tells us to do doesn’t always work. We need that little boost to keep on writing.

I think the way your area for writing looks  is important too and I don’t mean your physical space (though that IS important). I mean your blog or your journal or whatever is very important. I think the way your blog looks will ultimately affect your writing style. If you don’t like how your blog or journal looks, then you’re never going to write in it ever. Choosing the right template, then choosing the right header picture is important too. Does the picture fit the theme, the topic of your blog? Or you merely posting it because it looks good? Which is good too, but sometimes you just need to keep on playing around with it until you finally take a seat back and say “Now, THIS is what my blog is supposed to look like.”

While of course some of us will never be satisfied, I know we’re all striving for perfection and a little niche that screams “This is MY place and not anybody else’s. I refuse to make mine look like the other million average Joe’s blog!” Of course the content will be completely different, not quite the same, but that doesn’t matter. It’s what WE think that counts (and maybe our loyal readers that we want following our site).

How do you make your blog unique?


About Ashley

I'm a writer from the United States.
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