In the Clouds

I can’t say I pay much attention to what’s in the sky. Unless of course it’s raining or I hear a loud plane or something in the sky’s going to affect my living in any sort of way, negative or positive. But since our one night of torrential rain last week, we’ve been having an unusual mild week here in Ohio weather wise, especially considering we’ve had had an upwards of 80-90 degrees this time last year. The past couple of days the weather’s been so nice that even the clouds have been big, white, and fluffy, so very picturesque. Because I take the back roads to work every day, it’s been especially picturesque and I’ve wished that I had my camera for some of the mornings this week. 

Today I decided to take a walk and try to capture the beauty of the clouds since they were just as beautiful as they were the past couple of days. I don’t think they’re as beautiful as they were out in the country over the farmers’ fields, but they seem decent enough. 





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