Disconnect Here

To deserve the world sometimes means that we need to disconnect from what society says we need to connect to. We rush around, to and fro until we fall into our beds, exhausted. We haven’t stopped to actually look around us and enjoy the moment. My lowest points in my life have been when I’ve made myself so connected to people and expectations that I’m mentally exhausted let alone physical.

In order to re-connect from the world, I sometimes find a place that’s restful to my eyes. mind, body and soul. A lot of times I go to my favorite hiking parks, put my bag, phone, and electronics into the trunk my car and just let myself be immersed in nature. It’s so refreshing to see nature in its natural element. Technology is great, but it removes us, disconnects us from everything else. Getting back to the basics often helps me re-enter society with a clean slate and a happy disposition.

Other times I’ll sit out on the back porch in the mornings and read a book or write in my journal as the sun steadily climbs into the sky. Watching the world wake up is so peaceful to me and it makes me feel so happy to be where I am in life. 

Inspired by 3 words a day.

Tell me your thoughts.

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