Scenes From Lately (What I’m Currently Doing)

I haven’t talked about myself too deeply on here recently, mainly superficial things like what my favorite things are and pictures from my last hiking adventures. I’d like to stop a minute and talk about what I’ve been doing using the “currently” meme that has been floating around the interwebs the last couple of months. You know what I’m talking about: What I’m currently reading, listening to, wishing, etc. Maybe it’ll jumpstart others to write or do something similar or maybe even give me some ideas for future posts. Who knows. Anyway, here are some of my “currently” happenings:

Currently Reading: Outlander by Diana Gabaldan. I started reading this last month because a girl I work with and I wanted to start a book club, but so far it’s just me reading it. I’m almost done with it, though, and I have to say I can’t wait to finish reading it. It’s a good book, but it’s so long and tedious and sometimes the scenes repeat themselves over and over again to the point of driving me nuts (the sex scenes in particular). But now that I’m almost done with the first book, I almost feel obligated to read the rest of the series. We’ll see how I feel at the end of it.

Currently Writing: Blog posts, for here and my book blog. I’ve been thinking about writing fiction again, but it’s hard to start writing that sort of thing again and because I my well of ideas has dried up for the moment, I don’t feel any big desire to start up again.

Currently Listening: Compass by Lady Antebellum. This is one of their newer songs and I enjoy it so much that I’ve put it on my playlist of traditional sounding music. It’s just beautiful. My favorite line is “You wanna give up because it’s dark? We’re not that far apart.” Just another way to say “Don’t give up because the light at the end of the tunnel’s coming up soon.”

Currently Thinking: That I want to go hiking this weekend. I haven’t been in a month and I miss greatly. It’s my natural headache medicine and general de-stress-er. Plus it’s my exercise of choice. I’d rather go hiking than go to the gym or run or any such things.

Currently Smelling: Nothing much, my nose decided it wanted to run in the past 30 minutes so I can’t smell much. Earlier I smelled the rotting potatoes in the trash and it smelled quite ripe.

Currently Wishing: To work with kids and teens again. I didn’t realize how much I missed working with them until I’ve spent some time away from it. Wishing I’ll be able to do that again.

Currently Hoping: That we eat soon. I’m hungry and craving pizza. No, I’m not pregnant, but I do get cravings for certain foods and they won’t relent and only get worse if I don’t have it Right. Now.

Currently Wearing: Old jean shorts and a Helen, Georgia shirt I got the last time I went down to Georgia to visit my aunt.

Currently Wanting: To put my jamis on and read in bed but it’s way too early for something like that to be acceptable.

Currently Loving: Chocolate chip rice krispie treats and reduced fat Cheese Nips. Rather odd combination, but I haven’t had either in several years, they no longer carry Cheese Nips in the dollar store but my mom found some at the out of stock store in Beavercreek and now I’m scarfing them down like a heathen. And no, I’m not on a diet, but I think reduced fat Cheese Nips and Pringles taste better than the regular stuff. Only reason.

Currently Needing: A massage. I’ve had such a stressful, long week that a good massage wouldn’t assuage. Unless you can get me a cute man to give me a massage and dinner (only partly kidding on that last bit).


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