Turning the Radio On

At work we talk about music a lot. Granted, we talk about food, books, and movies a lot too, but for this conversation’s sake, we talk about music. It’s been brought up many times that the radio sucks; many, if not all the music on the radio isn’t as good as it used to be. With all this talk about the music world, it got me to thinking about my music consumption.

I really became aware of music when I was probably around 8 or 9. Actually, it might have been when I was a bit older, but I can’t remember. I probably listened to some music before this time period, but I either listened to little of it or it had so little impression on me that I wiped it from my memory. But the older I got, the more aware music and my tastes and the more I listened to the radio and cassette tapes (later CDs). I listened to the radio for hours: both in the car and at home. 

I don’t listen to the radio as much as I did back in middle and high school, but I still listen to it in the car. I like listening to country and there’s just something about listening to it while I’m going somewhere. And frankly, I forget that I can plug my iPod into my car. It seems too much of an effort for me to get in, get situated, turn the car on, plug the iPod in and figure out what I want to listen to before going where I need to go. I could’ve just got in, started the car, and just go without my iPod (which is what I do most of the time). 

I understand that people don’t want to listen to the radio because of how music’s changed. There’s a lot of modern country music that I don’t like because it doesn’t sound traditional anymore. Don’t even get me started on other genres: they’re even worse than the stuff that was on when I was a kid (which is why I listened to country to begin with; my mom liked it so much better), but there’s still a lot of modern country that I like. Music’s always changing and adults are always going to complain about what’s currently playing on the radio as it doesn’t sound like it used to be. 

I just say listen to what you want to listen to and not hate on other people’s music just because you don’t like it.

Tell me your thoughts.

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