I Don’t Drink.

I don’t drink. Coffee, that is. When I was in high school, someone said, “Just wait until you reach college, you’ll be drinking it all the time to get through the workload.” But college came and went without a drop running through my veins.

Later, when I made the commentary that I still didn’t like coffee, another commented, “Hey, you like coffee. You just haven’t found the good stuff yet.” What that stuff is, I haven’t been told nor have I found the desire to find it.

I just don’t like coffee. No matter how much cream and sugar there is in it, no matter how sweet or flavorful they make it, coffee just doesn’t sit right with me. The bitterness and sweetness of it just make me want to gag. And from an article I read, I’m not the only one. We humans were wired against anything that tasted bitter as it meant that whatever we were eating was poisonous. And some people can get over the bitter taste of coffee and enjoy it immensely, but I’m one of those who are definitely in the negative and couldn’t get over my natural human inhibition.

It’s okay for those who love coffee, who love its bitter taste. I just don’t like being preached at for not liking it. I know it’d annoy a lot of people if I told them they should like country music instead of anything else, but I don’t. People is as people does, after all and shouldn’t we leave everybody to their own devices?


About Ashley

I'm a writer from the United States.
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