Conflicts of Interest

I live in a swing state. Which means when elections come around, people get very heated on what is and isn’t. Gay marriage. Women’s rights. Illegal immigration and the workforce in general (among other things).

“If you’re a liberal, everything you believe in’s sinful.”

“You’re a judgmental Christian, can’t you see that everything you’re saying’s hypocritical.”

And so it goes. People like me are often stuck in the middle. We only want to keep the peace and wonder why people can’t just get along. We shout within ourselves but never do we say it out loud. To say what we really think would disrupt the peace we long to keep.

And yet it’s we who are in the middle who make the decisions. If we had our feet solidly in one camp, we wouldn’t be one of those slates all the candidates travel to in an effort to win us over. Thus, we listen to the debates and the heated arguments. We quietly research, make our decisions and at the end of the day put fuel onto the never ending fire.

Tell me your thoughts.

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