Review: Annabelle

John and Mia, a young couple expecting their first baby, are attacked one night by two invaders. The couple survives, but not long after they begin to experience horrifying paranormal experiences involving a vintage doll. Desperate for answers, Mia begins some research only to find that the people who invaded her home were part of a satanic cult. The woman of the cult who died in her home clutching the couple’s vintage doll was named Annabelle and look like the ghost that is terrifying them consistently. She later finds out that Annabelle might not necessarily be a ghost, but that her image is used by demon with malicious intent. Meanwhile, the experiences grow more sinister as the small family discover what the unknown is really after.

Annabelle is the prequel movie to last year’s hit The Conjuring. It’s based on a real doll named Annabelle, but the real life doll is a Raggedy Ann doll, drastically different from the obviously made to look scary doll from the movie. It now resides in the museum that Ed and Lorraine Warren created for paranormal objects.

In spite of the bad reviews for this movie, I thought the movie was enjoyable, if a horror movie can be enjoyed, per se. It’s not as good as The Conjuring, which had a good balance of paranormal and building it up to the very end. In Annabelle, there seemed to be more story than paranormal experiences, but it was still enjoyable. Creepy looking dolls always disturbed me, so seeing a horror movie with demonic dolls will always affect me.

The ending of the film was underwhelming to me: to have a woman jump out of the window in order to save the family left me wanting something more from them. I expected something more shocking, but that wasn’t the case. I hope that in the future, any other films based on Ed and Lorraine Warrens’ investigations have a more solid ending.


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