Writing Blues.

My writing has become a struggle these days. As much as I want to write, I haven’t felt compelled with anything brilliant to write about. I want to get back into writing again because I want to take it more seriously again rather than just a hobby. I want to start, finish, edit, and send off a story that would be worthy of getting into a magazine or journal. I want to be able to build a good, strong reputation as a writer so that eventually I can get a book published.

The thing is, whenever I sit down to write in my notebook, nothing comes to me and when I do, I end up tearing the page out only to stare at the blank paper again. I don’t feel confident in my writing yet to just write and not worry about how it looks until it’s finished. The Editor won’t stop editing, not even for a moment. There have been times when I’m able to ignore it and just keep on writing, but that hasn’t happened in a really long time; trust me, I’m not exaggerating.

I feel like I’ve discussed this before on here, but it’s just something that I don’t know how to beat. I don’t know how to kick the negatives to the curb and just let my creativity flow. Doing research online and reading books about it just don’t seem to work. Maybe I’m not really a writer: I don’t want to take the time to write and get something published. Or the fact of the matter is I’m just plain scared of putting my thoughts to paper. I’m scared to put my thoughts and opinions out there for everybody to see. Everyone who writes has these fears but it’s gotten to the point of inhibiting me from doing what I love the most.

There was something I learned in my undergrad years called Ass In Chair (or AIC). In AIC, you sit down at the table and just write and write and write some more. You’re not allowed to get up for several hours: you just sit down and keep going no matter how painful it is. And it gets the job done, or so I’ve heard. Maybe this is what I need to do: just sit my butt down in the chair and keep writing for a couple hours each day.

Tell me your thoughts.

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