Deceived Looks.

They say never to judge a book by its cover, that looks can be deceiving. This is never truer when dealing with people, especially those on the celebrity level. I say this because we’ve had a lot of celebrities in recent months that made us realize they were never the people we thought them to be. Robin Williams was suffering from severe depression and eventually committed suicide, Phillip Seymour Hoffman died of a drug overdose, the lead father on 7th Heaven was convicted of pedophilia, and in the more recent news, rape victims of Bill Cosby have been coming out of the shadows to finally tell their stories.

It shouldn’t be surprising, to be truthful. They are humans, after all. Just because they’re celebrities mean they are above the petty troubles the rest of us have to face on a daily basis. And yet as a society we have elevated them all to the level of gods. These people entertain us through the movies, books, and music we enjoy, surely they’re nothing less than the perfection of gods? They can do nothing wrong.

And yet they can, as so many have shown to us over the years. They are not always the personas that they have so carefully constructed. Some celebrities hold dark secrets of rape and incest, drug and alcohol abuse, mental illnesses and other secrets they don’t want to come out, yet inevitably do a lot of times. They’ve come to join the fame that they’ve gained throughout the years and who wouldn’t want to enjoy at least part of their success?

And yet we hold them to that standard. When their horrible truth comes out, we all ruffle our feathers and exclaim angrily that they couldn’t “possibly” have done that, they are the pinnacles of our lives, childhoods, etc. But they can and have and done and will continue to do if they’re not stopped. Just because they’re famous mean they’re exempt from the law or anything else. It’s too bad that it happened, since talent graces itself on the unlikeliest of people, but sometimes reality is what reality is. I hope we have the strength to overcome and move on.


About Ashley

I'm a writer from the United States.
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