My time to reflect and be thankful.

In the midst of wars, protests, deaths, and other heartaches, it’s easy to lose sight of all the good in this world and focus on everything that’s bad. Tomorrow we Americans celebrate Thanksgiving, a holiday created exclusively for reflecting on the good and being thankful for what we have. I’ve had my share of bad times and I’ve forgotten to take the time to stop and see what good things I do have in my arsenal of experiences.

This morning I’m thankful for:

A roof over my head.

A job that pays me for the hours I work on time.

Clothes that keep me covered and warm during these cold months.

Food to keep me nourished.

Being able to stay home for the holidays and not have to go out and fight for these rights.

Having an education.

Living the life that I’ve lived.

Having a car to drive.

Getting to choose who I fall in love with or date (if at all).

An iPod that plays the music I want to listen to.

Getting some time off this week to sleep in and relax.

Having the good friends that I do.

Having a computer so I can blog and connect with others through other social media.

Having good health.

Having the rights and freedoms that I have.

Being able to read.

Not having to fear for my life.

Being able to catch my first fish and have my first motorcycle ride this year.

Knowing how to care and love someone deeply who has a serious illness, even if we’re no longer together or talking.

Sleeping in and snuggling in a warm bed.

Life in general.


About Ashley

I'm a writer from the United States.
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