A Brief Commentary.

The weekend has been warm, but unfortunately I didn’t get to enjoy it as much as I wanted to as it was my weekend to work. I did get to go out a little yesterday on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. After I took care of the book drop at work, I went around town with my mom to various stores and shops. My dad would’ve called this gallivanting. I didn’t find much for myself, but I did find a book journal on the 50% off table at Barnes and Noble. This was nice because when I went in a few weeks ago, I had bought a different book journal to use as a record for the amount of books I’ve read. The one on the 50% off table was the one I was deciding with the one I got. So, in essence, I got both of the ones that I wanted and came out better for it.

We then walked around the mall and my mom got a couple of fold-able baskets and a Christmas tree that was on clearance. We then ate in the food court and had orange chicken with rice and broccoli. Not long afterwards, we made our way to the Goodwill store before going home. I enjoyed the day, but it left me exhausted, making it so much more felt when I was feeling slightly under the weather to begin with from the fluctuation in weather in the last few days. I’m not complaining about the weather, though. I would rather it be in the 40’s than the teens and negative weather we’ve been having a few weeks ago. It’s not as bad as it was last year, for which I’m thankful.

I’m trying to get back into blogging but haven’t quite found my muse again – or should I say, I haven’t found anything that made me want to blog on for any length of time. If you have any topics that you’d like to read about or think I’d enjoy writing about, by all means make suggestions. Something will come up, I’m sure.

Tell me your thoughts.

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