Something to Be Thankful For.

In the past couple of weeks, I’ve been writing on a fairly regularly basis. As in, “I wrote almost every day” kind of regular basis writing. Even though I’ve considered myself a writer all my life, I haven’t been the one to write in the last few years. I’d decided to stop altogether since I felt like I was writing because other people thought I should be writing and not because I wanted to write. I was tired of forcing myself to write when I really didn’t want to write, so I did what I thought was best by not writing.

Now, several years later with spotted writing and fairly regular blogging (mostly), I’ve finally found myself back in the writing world. And to be honest, it feels good to be back again. I’ve finally realized how much I missed writing as a whole and I want to continue writing on a regular basis so I don’t slip back into any old habits. Maybe with some persistence and determination, I’ll be able to write a few pieces that are worthy of publication. I’m thankful for the opportunity to be able to continue my love of writing. I didn’t think I’d ever write again since I was so apathetic by the whole process; now I don’t want to ever let it go.

Here are some other little bits of happiness that I’m thankful for:

  1. Sunshine and no snow or rain.
  2. Frequent walks.
  3. Meeting cute little kids at work and being able to give them stickers to make them happy.
  4. Taking a few pictures during my walks.
  5. Having the sun out longer in the evenings so I’m not driving home in complete darkness.

It’s good to see spring finally come around the corner. Just when you think you can’t take the cold of winter any longer, it finally comes around to save the day and bring you hope. What are some things you’ve been thankful for?

Tell me your thoughts.

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