The truth is stranger than fiction.

In recent months, I’ve become interested in watching documentaries and reading nonfiction. To me, learning about something that actually happened is much more appealing to me right now than anything I could ever get from fiction at this point. With documentaries, I feel like I can learn something while relaxing and entertaining myself all at the same time. There is an argument that fiction can teach you about the world from someone else’s perspective and I wholeheartedly agree with that. However, we all need to step away from fiction and just learn about the world. With that, I’ve been doing exactly that. So, I wanted to share some documentaries that I watched in the past few months to a year and I hope some will appeal to you enough to want to go out and watch them yourselves.

  1. The Invisible War. An investigative look at the epidemic of rape within the military and the lack of protection and court proceedings for such cases.
  2. Of Dolls and Murder. A look at a collection of miniature crime scenes using doll houses created in the 1930’s and ’40’s by Frances Glessner Lee. In spite of never been a part of the police investigative teams, these Nutshell Cases of Unexplained Death has revolutionized the way investigations are performed.
  3. Blackfish. An inside look on how captive orcas are treated.
  4. Secrets of Selfridges. Love watching PBS’s Mr. Selfridge? This documentary will bring you into the life of the real Mr. Selfridge and his dramatic rise and heartbreaking fall in the world of department stores.
  5. The Bielski Brothers. This documentary originally aired on the History Channel, but you can probably get it from the local library. If you’ve seen Defiance with Daniel Craig, you’ll know of the story of the brigand of Jewish people who lived out in the woods and protected themselves and wouldn’t go down without a fight. This is the real Bielski brothers and their story’s worth telling.

These are just some of the ones I like. Hopefully I’ll compile some more as I remember or watch more. What are some of your favorite documentaries?


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I'm a writer from the United States.
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