15 Things To Do After Breaking Up

Being at the tail end of a relationship is rough, whether you’re the one ending it or not. It hurts for everyone involved because the person you thought you wanted to spend a long time with (if not forever) is no longer the one who will be a part of life’s journey with you. In the aftermath of breaking up, it’s understandable to feel down and out about the experience, yet at the same time we need to maintain a perspective that these feelings won’t last forever.

While there is no exact process on how to move on from a breakup, there are some activities you can participate in to get back on track and enjoy your life as a single person. Here are some ideas:

  1. Go for long walks. I enjoy going on walks. I especially love hiking. Walking, or any sort of exercise can help get any energy and emotions out. Not only that, it’s good for you.
  2. Listen to some uplifting music. Or even create a playlist filled with them.
  3. Play a sport. Kicking a ball or punching a bag is a great stress reliever.
  4. Write a long letter to your ex. You don’t have to send it (and you probably shouldn’t), but write out everything that made you upset and angry. Then, tear it up. Getting it all down on paper can help air out your thoughts.
  5. Write in a journal.
  6. Take yourself out to dinner.
  7. Watch the sunrise/sunset.
  8. Take yourself out on a date.
  9. Go for a drive.
  10. Hang out with some best friends.
  11. Get rid of any pictures of your ex, including on social media. Out of sight, out of mind.
  12. Allow yourself some down time to be upset. You did spend part of your life with someone. Let yourself grieve.
  13. Try something new.
  14. Watch your favorite movie.
  15. Read a good book.

What things have you done to get over a relationship?


About Ashley

I'm a writer from the United States.
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