The Need for Superheroes: Guest Post by Krista

Krista is a good friend of mine who studies creative writing at a college in New Hampshire. She enjoys books and movies of all different varieties including, but not limited to, Harry Potter, science fiction, fantasy, young adult, and superheroes. She works at her local library where she discovers new books and ideas for her writing. I’m lucky to share her piece on superheroes and why we need them in our lives. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I have.

With the release of the new Superhero movie, Avengers: Age of Ultron, it occurred to me that the popularity of Superheroes has grown to a heroic proportion. Bad pun, I know… But, the idea of having super powered heroes to save the world, or displaying astounding moral fiber, has become a larger theme in many recent films and novels. These fantastical, powerful heroes have existed in the world’s mythology and folklore for thousands of years, and we still use their heroic themes today.

The themes that come from these Super films and novels have become less focused on the “perfect” heroes, such as Superman, and have focused more on flawed heroes and anti-heroes. Heroes such as the Avengers have a combination of flawed and broken characters that create a functioning single unit. Even redeemed villains have a more prominent place in films and novels in today’s pop culture, such as the new adaptation of Loki in the previous Marvel films. Another example is an upcoming Disney Channel movie “Descendants”, which focuses on the Disney villain’s children in their possible search for redemption.

Themes in movies and novels that promote the Hero’s Journey is something that has always interesting me, so the big Hollywood interest in Superheroes has had me excited. It’s sometimes hard to except facts that we’re either not strong enough, brave enough, or we keep making wrong choices. Watching characters portray those flaws in ways that explain the message while also giving us something to admire, is fantastic. While some people may have an issue with all the Superhero films, TV shows, and novels, I for one am grateful to still see them around. Superheroes are large moral motivators because they are not perfect and they need help sometimes to get through hard times. The need for superheroes has grown since their creation and I don’t see them ever disappearing. They’ll just adapt to the culture, and that makes me super excited!

“You only have your thoughts and dreams ahead of you. You are someone. You are something.”

– Batman

“You’re going to make a difference. A lot of times it won’t be huge, it won’t be visible even.  But it will matter just the same.” – Commissioner James Gordon


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