Written Desperation.

It’s hard to write sometimes. There are so many topics that float through my mind and all of them are worthy to examine and publish, but a lot of the time I feel like I don’t know enough about it or have a strong enough opinion so I don’t write about it. Other times I just don’t know what to say and I stare at the blank page for so long that I get frustrated and walk away. In the meantime, time passes away and soon there is a long time between my last post and the new one I’m trying to write. In desperation, I try to write something, anything, just to get something written down and out there for people to see. But then, to my utmost horror, I realize that what I’m trying to write is saying nothing at all. And with that desperate knowledge, I go back and press the delete button. Nobody needs to know what my inner turmoil of forced writing looks like.

And so here I sit with my head hung low, my hands held out in front of me in surrender. I have nothing to give you: nothing from a new perspective, nothing that will make you laugh, nothing that will make you gasp with the brilliancy of the prose. All I can tell you is that my mind needed a rest. My fingers couldn’t turn my thoughts into anything meaningful to make your day that much fuller. My mind, in its complicated essence, needed a break from producing creative words.

I hope you haven’t left me, disappointed in my lack of writing. I hope you saw my hiatus as an attempt to bring back what I used to be so that I can have a clearer mind in my future posts. If you were one of those so patiently waiting for me to get my act together, I thank you. I want to come back to my space full of thoughts and written meditations for you to read and appreciate.

Tell me your thoughts.

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