Monday Music.

I haven’t updated my iPod in several months. This is due to the fact that I wanted more room on my laptop so I deleted all my music and files. Then a couple weeks ago I decided I wanted to change my music up again and tried to download the iTunes folder and it wouldn’t let me because I don’t have Windows 7 or later. That has nothing to do with my music, but I wanted to share the first 10 songs that I had on my last Playlist that I made and I’ve been listening to them frequently in recent days, mostly because I like the songs. Well, maybe Michael Jackson and Amy Grant not so much, but they made it on my list for today.

  1. I’m Going Home — Sacred Harp Singers at Liberty Church
  2. Stuck Like Glue — Sugarland
  3. Wagon Wheel — Darius Rucker
  4. Compass — Lady Antebelum
  5. Any Man of Mine — Shania Twain
  6. We Were Us — Keith Urban with Miranda Lambert
  7. Come Back Song — Darius Rucker
  8. Ruby With the Eyes That Sparkle — Stuart Duncan on Cold Mountain soundtrack
  9. Say You’ll Be Mine — Amy Grant
  10. Thriller — Michael Jackson

Tell me your thoughts.

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