A Good Samaritan

I went into the gas station today to fill my gas up. I didn’t really need any gas, I was 3/4 full, but gas was $2.16 today so I thought I’d top off my tank. I went in to pay for my gas and when I came out, this older man was standing next to my car washing my windshield. I approached slowly, unsure of what this man was about. Was he seeing if my doors were unlocked so he could grab my bag and any other valuables? Maybe he wanted to kidnap me or even take my keys and run away.

“Hello,” I said as I approached. I went to my driver’s side and opened the door. I had to get in there to press the button to get into my gas, anyway. He turns towards me and smiles and says hello. I look at him a little confused as I slowly bent down to push the button.

“I was just sitting in my car waiting, so I thought I’d come over and wash your windshield,” he says before heading over to his own vehicle.

“Well, thank you,” I said as he departs and I turn and fill my car up. It was kinda weird but awesome at the same time. I was just thinking only this morning that my windshield needed to be cleaned off at some point in the near future. It made for a good story anyway.

Side note: Today’s my dad’s birthday. He would’ve been 66 if he’d been alive. Maybe this other man was my dad’s way of saying he was still watching out for me even on his birthday. It’d make sense if you believe in the afterlife, which I do. It’s a good thought to have, at least. Maybe we’ll do something special since it’s my dad’s birthday and everything. We’ll see how it goes.

Tell me your thoughts.

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