Writing for Myself.

As time goes by in the blogging world, I find other bloggers that I enjoy reading. There has been a couple of occasions where the bloggers have decided that enough is enough and stop blogging. For whatever reason, they feel tired of having to write, that they’ve outgrown their little corner of the internet. For them, they’re content just to be and no longer share what their thoughts to the world. I respect them for their decision not to write any longer, but for me I’m rather sad. I thought these writers were valid, real and worthwhile. Sometimes I want to tell them not to give up, to just keep writing regardless of how they feel about it. Even if they feel like it’s something they hash over again and again, I think it’s refreshing and new. Someone might connect to that piece of writing in a way that they hadn’t when it was written at a previous time. No one knows just when something might save someone.

While I spew on my sentiments of bloggers and blogging, I can tell you that writing is hard. Even when you’re just blogging out your thoughts, it’s tough going. People tell you just to write but sometimes its hard to be yourself when potentially thousands of others are reading what you have to say. You want to be perfect in what you have to say because if you just write whatever without thinking it through, well, it’d just be like stepping out the front door without having getting cleaned up or putting your clothes on. You don’t want to look disheveled in the blogging world.

We put so much pressure on ourselves in our writing that blogging can become a chore. It’s just not fun anymore when you feel you have to write a certain way. I need to learn this myself, to be honest. Stop worrying about what others might think of myself and constantly myself. Rather, just write and be myself and not care about who’s reading. The readers will come. I only to have start with myself.


About Ashley

I'm a writer from the United States.
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