For Those Who Hurt.

People aren’t very love-able.

Of course, we think the best of everybody and for the most part, people are good and worthy to be around.

But a lot of times, people aren’t very love-able. Because after all, who would have thought that Paris and terrorist attacks would be in the same sentence? France isn’t a place that I would have thought that someone would want to terrorize.

Of course we can’t assume anything, because anything is possible. An earthquake in Japan. A terrorist attack in Beiruit. Everything on the same day. Many are superstitious and would point out these things happened on Friday the 13th. I suppose to a certain level we’re all a little superstitious, but maybe the attacks happened because they knew it would make people more superstitious?

But who am I to speculate? I don’t think any of can. My thoughts are with those who are suffering. I hope that from destruction, they will rise and become united against whatever might happen in the future.

There are no other words that I could possibility say that will change anything that has happened, but they will be in my thoughts. Sometimes that’s the only thing a person can do. Because after all, words can only go so far.


About Ashley

I'm a writer from the United States.
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