Whoopi Goldberg: Run!

I’m not the type of person who typically reads books that celebrities and other famous people have written. Why? Mainly because their talents in one area in life doesn’t transfer well over to another creative outlet. However, I found out a new book by Whoopi Goldberg called If Someone Says “You Complete Me,” Run! I thought the title was funny and because I generally have a good impression of Whoopi (not that I know her or anything, but you know), I decided to check it out and have a go at it. And so far, I’ve made a good choice.

In this book, Goldberg talks relationships and the bad decisions that she and many other people have made about them along the way. She talks about why you shouldn’t rush into a relationship or marriage and give yourself a good hard look before jumping on the bandwagon. I’m pretty sure that most, if not all of this stuff is common sense, or should be, yet so many people ignore it in favor of having someone to be around just because of society’s or their expectations.

Even though many of these things are “Duh!” moments, I find her frank humor bracing and refreshing. If everybody wrote like her instead of the usually flowery prose that’s usually associated with relationship books, people would probably “get it” more. Like Goldberg said, I don’t know what men want. I don’t know what women want. I just know what *I* want. And really, that’s all that should matter. Once you know what you want out of life and what you’re looking for in another person, then it’ll all fall into place. The people who don’t matter will fall away and the people who really care will come to you.


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