Things That Make Me Happy

We always focus on the negative. I’m guilty of doing a lot of complaining and always forget to look at the positives. So here’s ten things that make me happy, things to make me stop and smell the roses.

  1. Dogs. Who doesn’t love dogs? I had a spaniel mix growing up and she was the most laid back dog. She loved being around people and being loved on.
  2. Warm weather.
  3. Weekends off.
  4. Fuzzy, heavy blankets. I get cold in the winter, so those big fuzzy blankets that have a little weight to them and feels solid are always good.
  5. Leather bound classics from Barnes and Noble.
  6. Journals. And not the cutsey ones. The ones that have good covers or leather bound.
  7. Paranormal shows, but not the fictionalized shows like Medium.
  8. Tennessee. My favorite state. And the fact that I love the South (I don’t know why since I grew up in the North all my life.)
  9. Journal writing. I like writing in a physical journal. I like blogging, but it just doesn’t have the same feel to it.
  10. Walking. I just love taking walks. It’s peaceful.

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