You Can’t Beat a Dead Horse, Stephenie Meyer

So, I started reading Life and Death by Stephenie Meyer. If you don’t read young adult literature or follow pop culture in general, this book is a re-write of Twilight for the tenth anniversary. Basically, many of the characters’ genders have been swapped and follow the original story through the gender-swapped characters. So far I’m having a hard time following them because it’s the same story. I feel nothing for Beau (Bella) and he definitely has no interest in anything considered manly. I know there’s a lot of men out there enjoy cooking and not into sports, but I thought he’d be a little more put together than Bella ever was. I’m interested to see how different Edyth is than when she’d been Edward (this all seems so weird, how are we all not positive they just all are just transgender?), but I’m not expecting a whole lot out of the book, if I finish the book at all. I wish she’d just finished writing Midnight Sun instead. It would’ve put more perspective on Edward as I heard that the rough draft of it was pretty good and made Edward more favorable. Meyer could’ve written the whole Midnight Sun in the time it took her to write Life and Death.

That’s pretty much all I’ve got to say about that. I mean, Twilight. She got popular with fluff and she wanted to make some more money and she wrote a Twilight re-write and got everyone to buy it. Ech. Let’s get over it, you guys and read something else.


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