T.V. Shows to Obsess Over

I’m into documentaries and documentary reality shows these days. I thought I might share some of my obsessions recently. There’s a couple that I’ve watched occasionally and others that are totally new to me. If there’s any shows that you’ve been obsessing about or if you’ve watched any of these shows, let me know in the comments!

  1. American Pickers
  2. Pawn Stars
  3. Selling New York
  4. The Hunt with John Walsh
  5. Death Row Stories
  6. Secrets of Highclere Castle
  7. Dear Genevieve
  8. Extreme Homes
  9. Secrets of Her Majesty’s Secret Service
  10. Secrets of Underground London
  11. Genevieve’s Renovation
  12. Secrets of Hampton Court
  13. Secrets of Westminster
  14. The Haunted
  15. A Haunting
  16. The Dead Files

I might have to do another list of shows again soon. What are some of your favorite shows?


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I'm a writer from the United States.
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2 Responses to T.V. Shows to Obsess Over

  1. japonicanyc says:

    American Pickers! I recently wrote an article about it, and why people are obsessed with watching types of reality TV. Definitely one of the better ones out there! Also, not all reality tv is created equal, although now I’m thinking that although the reasons for watching it do differ, in the end, we just want to escape our own personal reality for a few minutes…

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