Bad Things That Didn’t Happen in 2015.

I somehow got onto Christopher Rice’s page the other day. I don’t quite know how that happened but I did. If you don’t know who he is like I didn’t, he’s the son of Anne Rice (of Interview With the Vampire fame) and I think he writes his own books and the like. Anyway, he made a post that said “Instead of writing down everything that you hope for in 2016, write down everything that could’ve gone wrong in 2015 but didn’t. That’ll make you feel much better. I promise.” That gave me the idea of writing down bad things that could’ve gone wrong but didn’t. I think he meant for the list to include silly outrageous things, but mine will include more serious things (and maybe some silly ones as well).

  1. I didn’t die in a car accident.
  2. I didn’t get into a relationship with the wrong guy (almost did even though I said I didn’t want to be in a relationship with anybody. People can be persuasive. Almost).
  3. No world apocalypse (yet).
  4. Haven’t lost my mind yet.
  5. Didn’t get lost in a big city.
  6. I didn’t get shot at.
  7. I didn’t lose any real friends (I don’t think?)
  8. Voldemort didn’t take over the world. Potter wins again.
  9. I didn’t die in all the political debates (so far).
  10. I didn’t lose all my books.
  11. My computer didn’t blow up.
  12. I survived navigating the mall at Christmas (for a short period of time).
  13. My mind didn’t turn to mush.
  14. I wasn’t on the receiving end of those horrible tornadoes. Just a lot of bad storms.
  15. No snow storms!

What are some bad things that you’re glad didn’t happen?

Tell me your thoughts.

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