Let’s Dance: Favorite David Bowie Songs

So this week everyone has been posting their favorite David Bowie songs. With such an artist who has continually pumped out albums since the 1970’s, there is a long discography to choose from. Earlier this week I posted a small in memoriam post and mentioned that Modern Love was one of my all time favorite songs by the man. In today’s post, I want to make a list of my favorite Bowie songs, because after all, how can you have just one favorite song by him? This is by no means an extensive list and nothing less than my own opinion, so if I don’t list one of your favorite songs listed under my favorite songs, then I’m sorry. That’s the great thing about life: each one of us is an individual with individual preferences. But please, by all means, comment below and let me know if you like any of the songs that I’ve listed or have some of your own favorites.

  1. Modern Love
  2. Golden Years
  3. Under Pressure
  4. Sound and Vision
  5. Dancing in the Street
  6. Young Americans
  7. Let’s Dance
  8. Absolute Beginners
  9. Fashion
  10. Fame
  11. Changes
  12. Rebel Rebel

Tell me your thoughts.

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