Some Things I’ve Discovered I Like.

Isn’t it a great feeling to discover that you like certain things that you didn’t know you liked previously? Or maybe you thought you hated something only discovered that you liked it? In the last few months or so, I’ve made some discoveries about things that I didn’t realize that I liked before. Most of them I didn’t really have an opinion on; I just needed to discover them. So here’s a list of things that I now enjoy:

  1. YouTube. I know its been out for about ten years now and I’ve even used it on previous occasions for school or mere happenstance. Even when I got wireless two years ago, I didn’t use it much, mainly because I have older computers that doesn’t play it so smoothly. But ever since I discovered that I can play YouTube on my Nook, I’ve been watching more videos recently, particularly those of gamers. It’s really fun, until I come across a YouTube video that makes me nauseous due to its graphics or shaky cam. But its still fun.
  2. Jumping rope. I don’t know, I just re-discovered this, so I’ve been jumping rope downstairs occasionally and it makes me feel like I’m actually burning calories while having fun. At least till it gets warm again and I can go for walks again.
  3. Coloring. I got a Coloring for Grownups book for Christmas this past year and I discovered how much I enjoy it. I especially like coloring when I’m watching t.v. because I can’t sit still to watch movies or television for very long (thus why I don’t watch a lot of movies). But now I have something to do while I’m watching the brain cell killer and feel like I’m actually productive.
  4. Orange chicken. I think I liked orange chicken before, but I just never ate it as much. The last couple of times my mom and I’ve been to the mall area, we’ve eaten orange chicken from the mall food court and they make some pretty yummy stuff.
  5. Journaling. This I’ve done on a fairly regular basis before, but I kind of stopped doing it for a while and now I’m trying to get back into it again and I’m realizing how much I like it and can’t remember why I stopped before.

I’m sure this list will only continue to grow as I go on. I might even have to make another list. What are some things that you realized you enjoyed doing (or eating)?

Tell me your thoughts.

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