10 Amazing Documentaries You Should Watch Right Now.

I think I made a post before about how I’ve become more interested in documentaries. To me, documentaries can be (and often are) better than fictionalized shows you see in the movies or on television. I don’t know if they’re actually “amazing” but I found them very interesting.

  1. Abraham and Mary Lincoln: A House Divided. The story of Abraham and Mary Lincoln’s marriage from before and during the Civil War. Very intriguing dynamic, especially with Mary Lincoln.
  2. Stealing Lincoln’s Body. This studies how obsessed the United States became with Lincoln, even in death, to the point of trying to steal his body and moving it around the country.
  3. Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer. This was a spine chilling documentary. If you’ve ever seen Monster with Charlize Theron and Christina Ricci, you’ll know that a woman named Aileen went around the country murdering men as revenge for the abusers in her past and bringing her girlfriend along. This documentary is about the real Aileen and boy is it scary.
  4. Of Dolls and Murder. Explores a collection of dollhouse crime scenes created in the 1930’s and ’40’s as well as exploring our obsession with murder.
  5. The Short Life of Anne Frank. Only an hour long, but very powerful, gives a brief biography of the most famous Holocaust victim.
  6. Secrets of Stonehenge. Explores the mysteries of Stonehenge and uses historians and archaeologists to try and figure out the real reason why it was built.
  7. Killer Legends. A couple of indie filmmakers explore famous legends and real life stories that could have inspired these legends. When a Stranger Calls and killer clowns amongst them.
  8. Cropsey. Made by the same people who wrote Killer Legends, this film takes a look at an urban legend on Staten Island, New York about a supposed escaped mental patient who hides out in the abandoned asylum and kills people and young children.
  9. Tales From the Royal Bedchamber. This was actually pretty interesting, about how the royal bedchamber was where people came to grant favors from the King and how the royal bed evolved over time.
  10. Finding Your Roots. I don’t if you could call this a “documentary” per say, but I love this show because it focuses on three different famous people each episode and traces their roots back and tells their stories. Henry Louis Gates, Jr. is pretty awesome and has a good voice.

I’ll stop it here. If I find that this is popular, I’ll write a follow up to this post.

Tell me your thoughts.

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