Safe Spaces.

I think that it’s especially important in this day and age that we need to create safe spaces for us to think, create, and grow. We live in a world that expects us to act a certain way, believe a certain way, and generally live in a certain way that often pulls us in opposite directions and pulls us apart, piece by piece. The world is not kind to those of us who try to let out our true selves and sometimes we are destroyed by the immobility of an unforgiving world.

A few years ago, when I was in college, I took a class by a wonderful teacher who taught writing and creativity. In this particular class, he created a safe place for us to open up our thoughts, delve into often painful places, and open up to our thoughts and dreams. This was the first time that I felt truly comfortable in sharing my thoughts and my creativity without being ridiculed for writing what I did and talking about what was on my mind. This was important for me to realize that my writing matter, that my voice in the creative world was not only important for me to participate in, but to offer as a unique perspective to those who needed to hear and view it without realizing that they needed to hear it.

Not all of us have the opportunity to have a class that I was able to have. That’s why I think it’s important for all of us to create a safe space in which to blossom into. I don’t think you really need to create a blog or even write in a journal, but I think it’s important to set time aside each day (or each week if you’re busy) to allow yourself to enjoy that which makes you happy. A couple years ago, I went for hikes and walks a couple times or more each week. For me, walking allowed me to push away everything that crowded into my mind and focus on the beauty of nature around me. I took pictures, noticed brilliant flowers, and uncovered secrets of darkened rocks. By the end of the summer, I found myself tired of the walks, but they had served their purposed: I had allowed intense emotional feeling to grow and expand to the sky and beyond.

Maybe you like to paint. Go paint. Maybe you like to write down what’s frustrating you that day. Go ahead and write. Maybe you like to get lost in a novel. Go ahead and lose yourself. But we need that safe space to discover and grow without the fear of hurt and betrayal.

Tell me your thoughts.

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