Focusing on What’s Important

I’m unofficially (or maybe officially?) giving up Facebook for Lent. I’m not exactly a Catholic, nor do I go to church, but the idea of giving up something for a period of time can be and is a good thing. I was a couple years late to the Facebook scene (I started in 2007 and mainly so I could look up a guy that I was interested in, but anyway) and ever since then, I’d been posting on an almost regular basis. It becomes one of those things that you want to check daily because you’re afraid of missing something important. But in reality, are you really missing anything important? I mean, do you really want to continue to see people posting their political opinions and inspirational quotes?

I don’t think I can completely delete my Facebook (I’ve tried, it didn’t work for me), because quite frankly, there are a couple people that I enjoy seeing (reading about?) go through life and growing on an every day basis. It’s not like I contact them on a regular basis or even talk or hang out with them regularly (if ever), or even the fact that they post regularly or anything that I like to see all the time, but it is nice to see what they’re up to sometimes. But to take a break from it and focus on other things, now that’s heaven.

Of course I’m not going to totally give up on all screen time. I’m a blogger after all and this is how I communicate and make and share art, but Facebook, not so much. And I’m starting to become more involved with Twitter again because I’m finding it more fun with connecting and reading about artistic things. And I don’t have to follow anything political if I don’t want to! Woo!

I’m also considering giving up borrowing books from the library. Not that I don’t support libraries or anything but because I borrow too many books and other materials when I should be focusing on the things that I’ve already bought and owned for a while. I want to finish reading what I already own and make room for more important things in my life, so I hope that works out! I’m going to return the last two things that I own today and hopefully not check anything out until Easter. Let’s see how this works, shall we?

Are you giving up anything for Lent? Do you think giving anything up for a period time is good or bad? What are your experiences?

Tell me your thoughts.

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