In Defense of Reading.

It’s important for people to feel safe in their reading choices. If we want others to read more, we have to allow them the choice of reading materials so that they become more interested and expand their reading choices. Unfortunately, we don’t always allow this to happen. We set up a level of core books that are considered “important to read” (often under the labels of “classics” and “literature”). I know people who enjoy reading fantasy and science fiction, romance and erotic novels, young adult and children’s books and yet many of them have to read these books in secret in fear of being judged for what they enjoy reading.

To be honest, I think this is unfair and more than a little hypocritical. Why do we emphasize the importance of reading but in the next breath condemn certain books as being as trash? I have to admit that I’ve made fun of certain genres of books just because they’re titles and summaries crack me up. Even tho I do wonder how certain books get popular or why people read them, I would never begrudge someone who finds them enjoyable.

To tell someone that they’re favorite books are trash and unworthy of time spent reading them is causing destruction. To do so would cause people to stop reading because the types of books they enjoy reading aren’t good enough to read. If they weren’t worthy of being read and if no one enjoyed reading them, then why are they being published?

We are all very different individuals (thankfully) with different interests. If we all enjoyed the same books, that’d be very boring. All I’m asking is that everybody should read what they enjoy and not worry about what others are reading. It’s okay to read erotic novels if you enjoy reading erotic novels. It’s okay to read young adult and children’s books if you’re 30 years old. Reading is reading, no matter your age.

Tell me your thoughts.

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