Shame and Religion.

I don’t talk a lot about being a practicing Christian very much. If I talk about it with non-Christians, they think I’m too religious, narrow minded and conservative. If I talk about it with Christians, they think I’m not being Christian enough and try to get me to church and be more involved in church activities and believe in certain things because “the Bible said so.” Frankly, both sides make me feel inadequate and less of a person. To shame someone because of their beliefs or to practice a religion in a way that is out of the norm for most followers is not okay in my book.

I’m not an expert or anything, but it appears that is the problem with people these days. We stereotype whole people for one aspect of themselves and judge them for the actions of others who put themselves in those groups. I shouldn’t be ashamed to want to be a Christian, but neither should I be ashamed for not being involved with the church or aligning myself with people who need my voice. Both sides need to calm down and let each other be. Because who wants to be shamed for having one set of beliefs over another?

Tell me your thoughts.

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