Let’s Talk About Bathrooms.

If you know me well, you will know that I don’t like arguments and confrontation. This is why I don’t talk about politics and hot topics very often. There’s always going to be that one person who will be contrary and want to pick a fight with you.

But today I want to address the topic of bathrooms. And not just any kind of bathrooms, but public bathrooms in particular. They’ve been in the news lately and it’s been both good and bad, I think. But I want to talk about the bad aspects for just a second.

There’s been some anger about Target allowing people who identify as a different gender to use the restroom that they identify with. Some people are feeling threatened and believe that this is the gateway to allowing the creeps in the world to go into the restroom and hurt the women and children.

I’m empathetic towards these people who are afraid for their women and children. I’m also a woman who has to look at every strange man I pass and wonder if he’s going to hurt me or not. And yes, when I think about it, a creepy man coming to get me in the bathroom is a scary thought. But quite frankly, I don’t care. Rules about which bathroom to go in never stopped someone from going into another sex’s bathroom and hurting that person. Having a rule that allows transgenders to go into the bathroom of their identified gender isn’t going to make it any “easier” for these other creepers because they were going to go in whether or not there were laws against it. Creepers don’t care about rules, they just do it because they need to fulfill their strange fetishes and needs.

And anyway, why are people so up in arms about “men” being in the restroom? You’re going in stalls. You’re not watching each other use the restroom. That’s the whole point of being in the bathroom, isn’t it? There have even been some stores and restaurants that have only had one bathroom for both men and women to use and no one has complained about those. And what about men who want to take care of their young children but can’t because people have some freaky rules about which restroom people need to go in?

I want transgender people to feel safe. I want transgender people to feel like they’re part of the society, that they’re the Americans that they are and not be marginalized. I want us all to be and feel safe and not let others get in the way of what we’re supposed to be. Even if I have beliefs that offend both sides of the political spectrum, I want this for everybody. Nobody should feel non-human and un-American.

I want to end the post with a short video that I saw online with Stephen Colbert. I don’t watch him but I saw this clip and thought he hit the nail on the head.

Tell me your thoughts.

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