Self Care.

After reading Kelsey Munger’s blog about self care, I’ve tried to participate in self care in the last few months. You know, little things for myself that make me happy. For example, I’ve got this handmade body lotion that’s called “green pastures” and smells like a spring day outdoors in the country. It’s thick and creamy and I don’t need to put a whole lot on. But it makes me feel clean and fresh. I try to put it on after I take a shower or shave my legs. I don’t always remember because I was never in the habit of putting lotion on on a regular basis, but I’ve started to more often now. It makes me happy to do so.

I think I’ve also mentioned that I’m trying to write more. This is more apparent in blog as I’m trying to write at least once a week. It doesn’t always happen, but I do make the effort because I enjoy writing and seeing that others are reading what I’m writing. I’ve taken to responding to the Discover prompts once a week and that’s been fun. I try to talk about the prompt without coming out and saying “I’m writing about this in response to this prompt” because I’ve read posts like that and I’ve done it myself and it just seems to take away from what you’re trying to write. Not that it’s a bad thing because sometimes the only thing you can say is “I’m writing to this prompt today because I don’t know what else to say.” But to make a habit of it every post just seems to take longer to get into the post.

I’ve also tried to write more in my personal notebook, get my juices rolling. There’s nothing like having a pen and paper and feeling it glide across the page. Typing is faster but it takes away the creativity of writing and it’s nice to get back to the basics.

I’m also trying to read more because I don’t read much anymore and it’s making me sad. I want to read more. I want to read as many as I did when I was a kid and even a teenager. Even a few years ago. Sometimes it’s hard to do so because other distractions get in the way, but I’m trying to take the time to read more.

Obviously I’m taking baby steps. But baby steps lead to bigger steps and soon you’re making a habit of doing things that make you happy. I want to do more of that instead of doing things that distract me from my happiness, if you know what I mean.

Tell me your thoughts.

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