The Things I like

When we think about life, we always think about things that we don’t like in life. I don’t like my job, I don’t like my car, I don’t like my boyfriend. The list goes on and on. Rarely do we ever look at what we actually like. It’s so much easier to think about the things we like rather than what we don’t like. I may have done this before, but since I’m doing the everyday inspiration for WordPress (the first day I forgot to do yesterday, oops, maybe I’ll come back to it), I thought I’ll add some things I like. Because you know, seeing good things every now and then can just help you get better at appreciating how good life really is.

Things I Like.

  1. The smell of new books and coffee.
  2. Spring flowers permeating the air.
  3. Baby cows snuggled in the grass.
  4. The sleepy, wake up feel of country roads.
  5. Sitting on the back porch in the morning reading.
  6. Eating pizza with extra sauce.
  7. Listening to the dreams of teenagers.
  8. Handwriting in a journal.
  9. Postcards.
  10. Finding a quote in a book so poetic I have to write it down because it speaks to me.
  11. Finding a book I want to read on sale.
  12. Hamlet’s famous soliloquy.
  13. Collecting quotes.
  14. Ghost hunting shows and books.
  15. Getting into the writing groove.

7 thoughts on “The Things I like”

  1. I started to read this post because of the first two sentences and then it took this unexpected turn to present me with a list of things you like… 🙂 I like some of the things you listed – all the things to do with books to begin with and a few others – but more than that your list makes me want to write my own. Just to remind myself of all the nice things in life. The trouble is it’s really not something that would into the profile of my book blog! Maybe I should start a second blog, LOL.

    1. I’m glad my post was a pleasant surprise! Maybe you can write a list about things you like about books, bookstores, and libraries? Or your favorite reading places? 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and good luck!

    1. Thank you! I drive by a farm every day to work and they have a cow pasture by the road with cows and their calves. You start to get attached from a distance. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.

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