Writing More Deliberately.

I still keep a physical journal.

I’ve done so since I was about twelve or thirteen. I don’t write in it every day if I don’t want to (if I did, that would be called a diary, not a journal, there IS a difference, I do believe). I write when I’m upset with something, when I’m feeling stressed, or just when I want to write about ideas that are swirling through my head. Recently, it’s been the latter. I go on and find a daily prompt and write towards that prompt. Not always, but I like to write about my ideas about the world or philosophical things these days. Because to be honest, writing every time I get upset gets kind of boring after a while.

I don’t think a lot of people write in a personal journal anymore. Having an actual journal that you write in with a pen or pencil seems old fashioned to some, like letter writing is to most. It’s a wonder that I haven’t quit it, you know? That I haven’t just settled with my digital journal where I share my ideas and dreams to the world.

But I don’t because I enjoy the feel of the pen flowing across the page. I love having a permanent place to keep my thoughts safe. I like to have a pretty journal that gives rest to my mind. My journal is my safe harbor for my private thoughts. I cannot share all my thoughts and experiences with the world at large and this is the place to keep my thoughts. They are my more private sector of the world.

It’s been said that those who actually write out longhand stir the creativity more effectively than if you just typed it out on a regular basis. I’m inclined to believe them. Why? because I find that I dream more and come up with more ideas than I ever did before. If I write out longhand on a fairly regular basis (not necessarily everyday), then more ideas come to me.

Some people don’t like to write out longhand because they think it’s slower. I get that. It takes a long time to write and sometimes you’re in a hurry or you’re thoughts are coming out faster than you can write. But still, I persist in writing longhand. It slows me down and makes me think about what I’m writing more deliberately. It makes you think more diligently.

2 thoughts on “Writing More Deliberately.”

  1. I keep a journal, but it’s not something I write in every day. Mainly when my thoughts are overflowing and I need a place to express what it is on my mind. I did find these writing prompt journals that help the creativity juices flow. The writing prompts vary and it’s a great writing exercise to keep you on your toes. But it’s something about writing in a journal that is very therapeutic. I definitely recommend it to anyone.

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