Five YouTube Channels About Urban Legends.

Scary stories, urban legends, and other tales of the macabre have always been popular. It doesn’t matter which country you visit or which time period you study, there will always be tales of ghostly apparitions and shadows of unexplained creatures floating up from pages and campfires.

With the rise of the Internet, it’s easier to share these stories with others and even create new web based horrors for a new generation. Slenderman is an excellent example. From what I understand of the legend, Slenderman is a creature who targets children and teens. There are some “found” pictures with Slenderman appearing in pictures, usually with the children that he’s targeting to kill, though he largely lives in the woods. If you want to read more about the Slender Man, you can find more about him on this wiki here.

YouTube is an excellent forum for those who wish to listen to scary stories rather than read them. I’ve found in recent months that listening to scary stories is much more terrifying than reading it, especially if the person telling the story has a good reading voice.

With that being said, I would like to share some YouTube channels that I’ve enjoyed listening to recently that have told some pretty terrifying stories.

  1. Top 5s. Shares top fives in various topics including top 5 real stories behind Disney movies, mysteries, and paranormal.
  2. CreepsMcPasta. A horror story channel with a British voiceover.
  3. Creeps Plays. By the same man who runs the CreepsMcPasta channel, here he talks about scary moments in video games.
  4. Mr. Creepypasta. I don’t listen to him as much because he likes to build up the tension by speaking really fast, but he does have some pretty crazy stories.
  5. Mr. Nightmare. Another channel that focuses on mystery and suspense, what I like about Mr. Nightmare is that he includes true stories and scary creatures. He has one up that talks about 5 animals that you’re glad is extinct now. Pretty terrifying.

Do you like listening to scary stories? What’s the scariest story you’ve heard?

Tell me your thoughts.

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