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Yesterday I went to see Me Before You at the movies. I was excited to see it as I’d just finished up reading the book and I looked foreword to seeing how the actors and director interpreted this lovely and charged story.

To say the least I was blown away by the performance. Not only did the movie follow the story, the actors were perfect for their roles. Sometimes it doesn’t always happen this way. Sometimes they get the essence of the story, but for whatever reason (sometimes valid), they need to change or omit some things. Other times they get the story right but the chosen actors were somehow off in their acting. They don’t click. They don’t seem to get what the characters are about. Thankfully it wasn’t the case with Me Before You.

If you haven’t heard of the story, the book is about a girl named Lou. For the last 6 years, Lou had been working at a cafe. Her mom stays at home to take care of her father (Lou’s grandfather) and Lou’s own father is about to lose his job. Her younger sister is on the bring to going back to college, so it’s up to Lou to work and support the family. But then one day, Lou finds out that her employer is closing up shop and moving away.

She then takes up a job being a caregiver/companion to a quadriplegic named Will. His family comes from money and he himself was at the top of his career field, but because of his accident that left him paralyzed, he can no longer resume his former life and he faces depression and suicide. It’s up to her to bring up his spirits and convince him not to go to Switzerland to end his life.

While Lou tries to get Will to see the joy in his new life, Will also pushes Lou to see life behind her small life in the village. Together they come out of their shells and live life more fully. But it’s also overshadowed by what’s to come and who can stop the tides once a man such as Will makes his decision?

Both the book and the movie were delightful. I loved every moment of it. But it also got me thinking about life and living creatively.

I’ve just started reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. She focuses on how we can move beyond the fear that’s stopping us from reaching out to our creative sides and living more creatively in spite of our fears. Both this book and Me Before You seem to have the the same themes in regards to creativity and fear. Maybe we just need to be the catalyst to push ourselves beyond and reach for our dreams. I don’t think we need a Will Traynor, but maybe we can BE Will Traynor and just do. Acknowledge our fears and go out and do it anyway.

I have a fear of writing. I love it but I’m afraid of it. Whenever I write and publish on my post, I feel fear. Especially when it’s something that I’ve written and I feel especially proud of it. But when I check back and no one has even glanced at the post pushes me back down in fear. It makes me sad and wonder why I even write? People would probably say just because nobody liked or commented mean it wasn’t worthy of writing, but sometimes it’s just a nice validation to what I’ve written.

But maybe that’s just the point. We don’t need validation to write. We just need to write. If we’re proud of it, then that’s all that matters. And if others like it, then that’s even better. It’s hard to believe sometimes, but that’s how it is and can be.


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