Peeling Back the Layers.

Have you ever noticed that most foods you eat or use in your every day life has layers? You peel a banana and an onion, you cut the skin of a watermelon or pineapple to get to the fruit. And it’s funny because when you look at an onion or a watermelon, it doesn’t look like there’s a whole lot to it, just another fruit or vegetable until you peel back the layers.

It’s kind of like us humans. We look at each other and see humans, but we see beyond just humans. We see them as black, Asian, Hispanic, liberal, conservative, gay, man, woman, etc until we can’t see them for all the layers that we’ve put on them. We see each other as all these things constantly as if in a masquerade and judge them for how they appear on the outside.

But what if we peeled back the layers of perception to who people really are as people instead of the layers they build up for the rest of us.

And what you see can quite surprise you.



Hopes of a better job.

Thoughts of moving abroad or even to another state.

Falling in love. Or being alone.

Being creative.

Being accepted.

Sound familiar? Probably because we all have similar dreams to variant extents. Oh, we all like to pretend we’re not who we are. We act professional or goofy or aloof, just so people won’t get close to us. But what a glorious world it’d be if we all peeled each other back and get to know each other as humans rather than the labels that we like to give each other as society.

I’d like to be myself, if only I have the freedom to be able to be myself as an individual. Sometimes it comes at a price, lonely and singular. But isn’t that how we all want to be seen?

What would others see they peeled back the layers?

4 thoughts on “Peeling Back the Layers.

  1. Good post! I wonder the same about people. We put up so many masks for other people-some to draw them closer, some to push them away-, why are we so afraid of being who we are?

    • Thanks! Maybe there’s some ancient reason why we did that to protect ourselves or get a mate…or maybe it’s just a social re-construction of the past few centuries. Who knows, tho? I hope it changes.

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