A Little Creative Spark.

I haven’t been doing any kind of writing in the recent weeks mainly due to the fact that I’m in a dry spell. I’m sure a lot of writers go through this period, the one where nothing seems to be worth the scrutiny of the pen and you’d just rather do something else than write. I know there are professional writers out there and even teachers and professors who are undoubtedly shaking their pens at me and saying that the only way to combat writing is to actually write regardless of whether or not it’s good writing.

But you know, sometimes you just don’t want to write, and that’s okay. Our minds aren’t mindless machines that pump out story after story just because someone told us we need to write continuously. A farmer doesn’t push his fields just because he needs the crops. Rather, he rotates them to perform different tasks and even lets them rest for a season.

I think that’s what our human minds need to do, as well. It’s okay to overflow with writing for a time, allow the words drip and soak into the page. And it’s also okay to allow our minds to wander onto something new, to focus on new tasks, and to allow our minds to rest. If we continually push our minds to pump out the words, we’re not going to get good writing. Our creativity well will dry up and in an effort to write something, we present something less than ourselves.

I’d been thinking about coming back to writing for a while, but I didn’t quite have the right idea about what I wanted to write down. I need that spark of inspiration to continue on, find meaning in what I wanted to say, but it wasn’t quite coming to me.

Then yesterday I was puttering around the Internet looking for writing prompts and I ended up on Pinterest. One of the prompts that I found was one about finding some missing person papers under the bed, but the person happened to be you. So, that really sparked my interest and my mind began to turn. Soon a story began to form and I started to write. I’m really excited about this story because it’s different and intriguing. I love it when I can connect to a fragment of an idea and run with it. I hope that this story will actually pan out into something new. If not, then I’ll keep looking until I find the right one.


About Ashley

I'm a writer from the United States.
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